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 Demo of the encaustic wax process at a Christmas event. Photo by Michelle Brooks-Furnell

Welcome to

Nadia Davidson's

Molten Imaginings

I am an artist based in the Highlands of Scotland, primarily working in encaustic wax. I also hold an Honours Degree in Fine Art.

The medium I use to paint in is hot, molten wax, as I find this best describes the fluid nature of the landscape where I live, which informs much of my art. I am also greatly inspired by the sea and the changing seasons.

I also enjoy painting in other media, mainly acrylic and gouache, and working to a large scale. Yet I also enjoy painting miniatures as well.

I also write a blog. I like to write about art and self-improvement and most of my art blogs can also be seen here on my website. I am also a competent copy writer able to write in the arts sector.

Encaustic Wax

My preferred medium is molten wax

Encaustic wax painting is fun!

Encaustic is an ancient painting technique which comes from the Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in” (enkaustikos) however the modern revival of this only came about due to the availability of hot electrical tools, and particularly the hot iron, which is the main implement used to paint with.

The application of the wax is free-flowing and a very relaxing and meditative process. Remarkable effects can be produced by it. One of the main techniques used in this painting process is called ‘scrying’ whereby the flow of the molten wax will determine the direction of the painting based on forms created. However, the artist is still, always in charge.

I melt the wax blocks directly onto the hot iron to produce molten flows of colour which I apply straight onto the sealed card. this then dries, almost immediately, into very vibrant, yet translucent images. These can be reworked at any time with the simple application of the hot iron or stylus tool, which re-melts the wax, letting it flow into new forms and shapes. The wax can also be wiped off, while it is still hot, to produce hazy effects of sky or water.

Coloured wax is applied directly to specially heat-sealed card using a ‘painting iron.’ Detail can be added by using the hot pen (with a nib to suck up the wax) known as a stylus.

Alternatively, the wax blocks can be melted directly onto the painting card by placing it on a hotplate which melts it as it is applied. This produces totally different effects again from either the iron or stylus work. In fact, like any painting medium, there are numerous ways to apply the wax, however, the key here, is that it is always in a molten state when applied.


The tools I use are the painting iron, he stylus pen tool and the mini hotplate for melting wax in dishes. I also frame and mount all my paintings myself


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I am a working artist who is always improving and always growing my skills. However, in the past here are some of the things which people have paid me to do. Perhaps you would like something similar.

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