Artist Statement


The overarching theme of my art practice is the exploration of ‘otherworlds,’ utopian dreams and parallel dimensions through a variety of media, the roles they have as both imaginative escapism, and as prophecy or vision of the future, and their importance in the contemporary world.

My main source of inspiration comes from the natural landscape around me. I live by the sea in the Highlands of Scotland. This inspires me to create dramatic landscapes of seas and mountains in my encaustic work, more often than idyllic scenes. Encaustic is my preferred medium for landscapes.

The juxtaposition of natural landscapes with the man-made environment inspires much of my abstract and illustrative work. The seemingly chaotic natural forms, at microscopic level reveal rigid geometric forms, which inspired my series of crystal drawings on Photoshop. Digital media, I find, is best suited for creating abstract art. However, when it is drawn by hand, it can be more satisfying, as much of my abstract work now is.

I am deeply interested in all the natural mysteries. My research into various subjects has led to an interest in standing stones and ley line systems, as well as the macrocosm of space and the microcosm of plankton. These have all been inspirations for my art, at one time or another.

Man’s connection to nature, or rather His absence of connection, has informed much of my surreal work. This juxtaposition is best expressed through collage.

As to artists, I have been largely inspired by the great Belgian surrealist Rene Magritte, in my clean-line style of painting and illustration. David Hardy’s space paintings, as well as the intricate illustrations of Jim Fitzpatrick, are other artists who have informed my work.

And, being Scottish, I could not resist the inspiration of Celtic knotwork as a highly graphic embellishment to my art. It is a part of my heritage.

The ancient Celtic myths and legends which have inspired so much of the fantasy genre, also led to my interest in illustration and character designs. As did reading the dream-like works of Lord Dunsany and the epic fantasy saga of Robert Jorden.

Other influences are Chinese art and martial arts movies, as well as steampunk aesthetics, medieval heraldry, science fiction comics and old pulp illustrations.



2010 – 2014          BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree @UHI, Moray School of art, Elgin

2009                       Portfolio Art @ UHI, Moray School of Art, Elgin

2008                       Higher Art @ Nairn Academy



2019                       Solo Exhibition @ Nairn Community and Arts Centre

2017                       Solo Exhibition @ Nairn Community and Arts Centre 

2016                       Nairn Open Exhibition @ Nairn Courthouse

2014                       Moray school of Art 4th year show @ Moray College Elgin

2013                       Moray school of Art 3rd year show @ Eden Court Inverness



2019       Started Patreon page

2016       Opened Etsy shop     

2015       Started Facebook page

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