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Artist Statement

I am an artist based in the small town of Nairn in the Highlands of Scotland, working primarily in encaustic wax. I also hold an Honours Degree in Fine Art and write a blog on I like to write about art and self-improvement and most of my art blogs can also be seen here on my website. I am also a competent copy writer able to write in the arts sector.

The medium I use to paint in is hot, molten wax, as I find this best describes the fluid nature of the landscape where I live, which informs much of my art. I am also greatly inspired by the sea and the changing seasons.

Encaustic is an ancient painting technique which comes from the Greek word meaning “to heat or burn in” (enkaustikos) however the modern revival of this only came about due to the availability of hot electrical tools, and particularly the hot iron, which is the main implement used to paint with.

The application of the wax is free-flowing and a very relaxing and meditative process. Remarkable effects can be produced by it. One of the main techniques used in this painting process is called ‘scrying’ whereby the flow of the molten wax will determine the direction of the painting based on forms created. However, the artist is still, always in charge.

When looking at the finished artwork, viewers will also see totally different things in the same painting, due to this unique medium. In fact, several artists use this process to provide ‘psychic readings’ for clients.

Whilst I find this interesting, it is not a service I provide. I prefer the existing artworks to act as a form of meditation or as energy signatures to evoke the elemental forces of nature.

Craft Fair Gallery

I have attended many craft fairs over the years in my local area. These are always a lot of fun and are often themed around the season (e.g. Christmas or Easter). This is generally how I promote encaustic art as an artistic medium by showcasing the painting process in person.



2010 – 2014          BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree @UHI, Moray School of art, Elgin

2009                       Portfolio Art @ UHI, Moray School of Art, Elgin

2008                       Higher Art @ Nairn Academy



2019                       Solo Exhibition @ Nairn Community and Arts Centre

2017                       Solo Exhibition @ Nairn Community and Arts Centre 

2016                       Nairn Open Exhibition @ Nairn Courthouse

2014                       Moray school of Art 4th year show @ Moray College Elgin

2013                       Moray school of Art 3rd year show @ Eden Court Inverness



2019       Started Patreon page

2016       Opened Etsy shop     

2015       Started Facebook page

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