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Original Art Encaustic Wax Greetings Cards


Individual art cards are a unique way to express your affection for a friend or family member. No two cards will be exactly alike. Painting the cards does take more time so I would need at least one week's notice before a commission of less than 5 cards and from two weeks to a month's notice depending on the amount of cards needed (for Christmas cards).

A tentative price list

Up to 5 cards            - £5 each

From 4-9 cards         - £4.50 each

10 cards                   - £4 each

From 11-14 cards     - £3.50 each

15 cards                   - £3 each

From 16-20 cards     - £2.50 each

20+ cards                 - £2.50 each

Request Commission

Thanks for submitting!

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