Aurora Series  - The Aurora Borealis, which can be seen in the Highlands of Scotland on clear winter nights forms a major part of my inspiration

Sea Series - Living in a small seaside town, the varied nature of the restless ocean is a constant source of inspiration for my art.

Lochs Series - The inland lakes/lochs and pools which form in many areas of Scotland, most famously Loch Ness, are also a great source of inspiration to me.

Islands Series - Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Hebridian islands

Waterfall Series - the dramatic waterfall is a subject I revisit often. This was my first attempt at painting them

Glaciers Series - an attempt to capture the majestic rivers of ice in encaustic wax.

Mountains Series - The hills and mountains of the Highlands are forever cropping up in my pictures.

Circular Paintings Series - This is a series in progress. This format is now a favourite of mine and more images will be added...

Trees Series - The characterful trees frame and enliven landscape paintings

American West Series -Beginning with a commisson piece the series is expanding into other pieces which are larger than life...

Sunset Series - exploring some of the wonderful colours which occur in sunsets

"Starry night" Series - inspired by the night sky and the vibrant colours of Vincent Van Gogh it is natural that I should paint night scenes

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