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Make molten magic with this encaustic art starter kit! Everything you need to begin your journey into the wonderful world of encaustic art is in this set.


First up is the essential tool for the encaustic artist - the painting iron.


This specially temperature-controlled iron is designed for painting with molten wax. Unlike a regular iron, there are no holes in the flat iron bottom. (This is not something you iron your clothes with!) The iron comes with an instruction manual in several languages and folds down to be stored safely back into the box. It can also be oriented to double as a miniature hotplate. 


Next there are the specially made coloured waxes.


These colours are made with pure beeswax and specially selected pigments. They are high quality and come with authentication brands on some of the waxes (only a few in each box have them). These colours are specially chosen by me to be the best for any beginner. This set is a total of 16 full size wax blocks which can last you many years. These are some of the main colours I use in my artwork and are designed to work equally well for landscapes or fantasy scenes as well as blending and mixing for more detailed work. They are also some of the best colours for use with the black card.


These 16 colours are: Gold, Silver, Clear wax, White, Pearlescent, Black, Pink, Pastel blue, Pastel lilac, Sap green, Cyan blue, Bright red, Mid yellow, Blue green, Rust brown, and Purple. 


Finally - the paining card.


In this set I have selected a mixture of sizes and colours of specially sealed paining card. In this set you will get a total of 40 pieces of card. 30 A6 size card which is the best size for painting on. There are 20 sheets of the white card in this size and 10 sheets of the black. There are also a further 10 sheets of A5 size card 5 in the white and 5 in the black. This is a good amount to get you started off on your encaustic adventure!


In most other starter sets you will not get any black card, but the effects that you can get with this colour of card are so stunning I felt that it was necessary to give anyone starting out the chance to experience this as part of the initial kit. Good luck!

Encaustic Art Starter Kit - Molten Imaginings Version

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