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The encaustic stylus is designed to create more detailed paintings with wax. This heated tool works very much in the way an old-fashioned dip pen does, by sucking up the wax into the slitted nib. The wax is then released by slight pressure on the paper surface and lines and blends can be easily created. The stylus pro has a specially designed temperature control and metal stand which allow for easy and comfortable use. This also comes with several interchangeable tips, which screw onto the end. This also comes with an instruction manual in several languages.


When the heat is turned on wait about a minute before dipping the end into a block of coloured wax. The wax will become molten at the touch of the hot tool and will be sucked up into the nib. Then you can draw and create more graphic representations on any surface - limited only by your imagination!

Encaustic Art Stylus Pro

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