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This Unique and Original Painting is in Encaustic Wax. It is A4 size and unmounted but framed in a thin black plastic frame without glass.

Mandalas are ancient symbols of calm healing energy which inspire meditation and contemplation. They are the perfect centrepiece to any sacred space or can add calming energy to a busy environment such as an office or living room. The intricate nature of the patterns allows the mind to become lost in contemplation of the circular wholeness of infinity.

The Fire Mandala can evoke the energy of the root chakra, providing a grounding calm, as well as inspiration for dynamic motivation. It could also be a focus for action.

This piece is drawn in lightfast permanent ink which is then sealed by the application of the coloured wax. The mandala pattern is then embellished with gold and silver wax to provide focus and interest. This creates raised areas which catch the light and provide a three-dimensional effect.

Fire Mandala: Original Encaustic Wax Art

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