As an artist the service I provide is personalized artwork in any form.

Primarily I paint in different media such as encaustic, acrylic, watercolour or gouache. I also draw in pencil, charcoal, chalk or in digital form. What I paint is entirely up to you.

When I was at art school I painted several murals which you can see here. I would relish the opportunity to produce some large-scale work again and would be willing to provide this service at a very reasonable rate.

As well as murals, I also do miniature paintings, which are well suited for small spaces, and are popular additions to ‘the smallest room in the house,’ or can be used to brighten up any small office space. These would be Artist Trading Card size (5-7.5cm).

Singing Planes - Acrylic on wall. Mural

Corridor - acrylic on canvas. Mural

I was recently commissioned to paint an encaustic wax landscape for the client’s 16th wedding anniversary which is known as the ‘wax’ anniversary. I was very taken with this idea as I believe that this is a unique and enduring means of showing affection for a partner. However, a personalized piece of artwork can be given as a gift on any occasion. This is also the traditional gift for the 26th wedding anniversary.

Another service which I provide is a ‘landscape with a meaning’ painting. This could be a location which holds special significance for you or a loved one, or even the depiction of a family home. Some examples can be seen here.

The Devil's Tower - Encaustic Wax on Card. Painted to remember a trip out west as a wedding anniversary present

Dragonfly Dance - encaustic wax on card. Could this remind you of an idyllic holiday by a loch?

Character commissions are also something which I have found are popular, especially of established ones, such as Disney characters. Alternatively, I can design a character from scratch, as an illustration for character created by you, for a book or role-playing game. Samples can be seen here.


Tinkerbell - watercolour and gouache on paper. Commission piece as a Christmas present.

Flight of the golden canary - gouache on paper. Design for a steampunk character.

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