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Commissions Now Open

I am a working artist who is always improving and always growing my skills. However, in the past here are some of the things which people have paid me to do. Perhaps you would like something similar.

Pet Portrait in wax

Here is a selection of pets which I have captured in encaustic wax. The size of these paintings is generally A5 as seen in the image with the dog looking at his portrait.

A Landscape With Meaning


I have been commissioned to paint an encaustic wax landscape for the client’s 16th wedding anniversary which is known as the ‘wax’ anniversary. I was very taken with this idea as I believe that this is a unique and enduring means of showing affection for a partner. However, a personalized piece of artwork can be given as a gift on any occasion. This is also the traditional gift for the 26th wedding anniversary.

I can paint a stylised or more realistic image based on a photograph, or montage of photographs (as in the case of 'the Devil's Tower) and include elements which are meaningful to you, and the time you spent there

A ‘landscape with a meaning’ could be a location which holds special significance for you or a loved one, or even the depiction of a family home. Some examples can be seen here.

the devils tower 2.jpg

Dragonfly Dance encaustic wax on card. Could this remind you of an idyllic holiday by a loch?

The Devil's Tower Encaustic Wax on Card. Painted to remember a trip out west as a wedding anniversary present

dragonfly dance.jpg


"Thanks for the FABULOUS artwork Nadia! A 16th wedding anniversary is wax and we try to follow suit and find original gifts that fit into that. To customize it for us with Devils Tower, which we visited this summer, makes it that much more personal! Thanks again for being so easy to work with and great communication. It was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end!!"

Mural Painting

I was recently commissioned to decorate both the inside and outside of a static Gypsy caravan which was to be a playhouse for traveller children. Most of this process I have filmed and released on YouTube. Please watch to understand the scale of this project.

In the past I have also painted large scale window displays for a local cafe. 4 different designs for each season. Christmas, Easter, Summer, and Halloween.

Decorative Mandalas

Mandalas are ancient symbols of calm healing energy which inspire meditation and contemplation. The intricate nature of the patterns allows the mind to become lost in contemplation of the circular wholeness of infinity. No two designs are the same. Each is unique and perfectly formed.

I have been commissioned to paint mandalas on several occassions, once for a local yoga school and more recently as decorative place name cards. The connection of this symbol with peace means that it is ideal in a dinner setting. This is a selection of the more than 30 place cards I made for a Burns Night dinner in the colours purple and green. The colour scheme can be adjusted to suit. The yoga collective asked for a blue and silver colour scheme.


The overall design is painted in acrylic paint and the silver elements are done in encaustic wax with the stylus.