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A Landscape With Meaning


I have been commissioned to paint an encaustic wax landscape for the client’s 16th wedding anniversary which is known as the ‘wax’ anniversary. I was very taken with this idea as I believe that this is a unique and enduring means of showing affection for a partner. However, a personalized piece of artwork can be given as a gift on any occasion. This is also the traditional gift for the 26th wedding anniversary.

I can paint a stylised or more realistic image based on a photograph, or montage of photographs (as in the case of 'the Devil's Tower) and include elements which are meaningful to you, and the time you spent there

A ‘landscape with a meaning’ could be a location which holds special significance for you or a loved one, or even the depiction of a family home. Some examples can be seen here.

the devils tower 2.jpg

The Devil's Tower Encaustic Wax on Card. Painted to remember a trip out west as a wedding anniversary present

dragonfly dance.jpg

Dragonfly Dance encaustic wax on card. Could this remind you of an idyllic holiday by a loch?


"Thanks for the FABULOUS artwork Nadia! A 16th wedding anniversary is wax and we try to follow suit and find original gifts that fit into that. To customize it for us with Devils Tower, which we visited this summer, makes it that much more personal! Thanks again for being so easy to work with and great communication. It was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end!!"

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Artist Copywriting

artist copywriter.png

I am an artist who holds an Honours Degree in Fine Art. As such, I have some scholarly knowhow when it comes to writing about art. I am a practicing artist and also write a blog about art related subjects. As such I am knowledgeable about historical and stylistic movements in art and how they may relate to your own practice. Many artists are now self-taught and communicate best through their art. If this is you, then welcome!

I will provide the logical and grounded real-world text that you need to sell your fantastic creations. All I need from you is some of your art and some information as to how you go about creating it. I will then match you with a style or movement which resonates most with your art, and write an artist’s statement and about page (or whole website) which articulates the deeper meanings behind your art.

I can describe, logically, the step-by-step process by which you create your own artworks if this is something you have difficulty articulating. I can help you to define which art ‘movement’ aligns most with your own practice and how your style fits in. I can choose the juiciest words to describe your fantastic art and help you sell it.

Please send me a message through the form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in this service. I may need more details about your art style to write accurately just what you want. You can see a sample of my work here:


"I happened across one of Nadia’s blog posts, entitled Art as Magic, whilst researching the more spiritual aspects of art for a new style of painting I was doing. I found the article to be insightful, well written and very interesting. I was preparing to have a new website built for my new artwork and was struggling to find the words to describe my intentions and how it differed from my previous work.

I contacted Nadia to ask if she would be willing to write some of the content for me and she agreed. We had a long telephone conversation where I rambled quite a bit about my thoughts on what I was trying to achieve. She listened patiently, asked questions to clarify her understanding of what I was hoping for and made some very helpful observations. She asked me to leave it with her and when she got back to me, not long after, had produced a beautifully written piece which expressed my sentiments about the work perfectly. I was delighted and think it really helps visitors to my site to understand my process and in turn the artwork itself."

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