Planets Series - the mysteries of outer space and space art has always been a great inspiration for me.

Structures Series - a look at the ideas of utopia/dystopia in the modern world and in a hypothetical future

Landscape Series - landscape illustrations in various media

Lord Dunsany Illustrations - an attempt at illustrating on of the many fantastic dreamlike stories of Lord Dunsany -"The Fortress Unvanquishable Save for Sacnoth"

Sci-Fi Illustrations - I have always been inspired by the art of comics and pulp magazine illustrations, particularly science fictional ones.

Celtic Knotwork Series - the intricate nature of the celtic knotwork designs inspired me to create borders using some designs of my own.


Four Mighty Fists of Vengeance - a series of paintings inspired by watching too many kung fu films

Heroes Series - heroes come in many shapes and sizes...

Liminal Creatures Series - illustrations of mythical creatures which exist in between realities, and designs for aliens.

Steampunk Characters - I am very inspired by the steampunk aesthetic.

Wheel of Time Illustrations -  concept illustrations for the look of characters from Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" fantasy saga

Disney Characters Series - a set of A3 paintings done for a commission.

Fae-bruary series - fairy and fae characters designed for a drawing challenge in February based on insects

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