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The Molten Mind Space

Painting should be fun!

As artists, it can be challenging to produce quality work on a regular basis. Along with juggling life commitments too. Let's remember art is fun!

Just get the medium on the surface

Sometimes it can be so hard to just get up your courage to make the first mark on that pure white paper (canvas/card/fabric - whatever). But what you need to remember is that the first step is the hardest. From there on in all you have to do is keep adding that medium (paint/wax/watercolour etc) until you get something you like. Of course, there are a lot of different stages in between.

How to start

One of the best ways to overcome the "blank page syndrome" is to just cover that canvas (or whatever) with an underpainting. This is just some really rough colour blocks to denote the values of sections of the piece. Or, keeping it simple, just one colour (maybe a nice ochre) to stop that page looking so glaring white!

artists get arting!


Take it easy to start with. Slow and steady wins the race. No need to rush (unless you have a deadline). But even deadlines can help you. By setting yourself a time limit, you are less likely to end up procrastinating or becoming seduced by social media feeds…

In fact, deadlines provide a great motivation to make art. And, if you don’t have a deadline, make one! Organise an exhibition, set yourself a challenge, or arrange a paint date with artists friends. Even join an art society or get yourself a studio so as to be around like-minded artists who are making art every day.

Distract yourself

Distraction is not the same as procrastination. Having some background to what you are doing helps the creative mind to tune into the frequency of flow. Listen to some good music or a podcast. let your mind wander onto other topics whilst doing. This allows you not to agonise over what it is you are making and whether or not it is any good.

Focus and flow

Just paint. Let the medium flow. Keep in mind the overall composition you are working to and refer to reference material as and when. But, by focusing, while your mind is chilled out listening to music, you will more easily enter a state of flow.

In flow state you are completely relaxed and also focused. By relaxing the mind, you allow your brain to enter into its most productive and creative state. We can't create when we are all stressed out. So, go with the flow and create art.

Is it any good? Does it really matter if it is or not? That is for later. First you must create...

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